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About Bandolera

BANDOLERA BY AXIS TANGO are designed and hand-made in Northern Italy, in the famous Marche region, where artisanal shoemaking has a long heritage and tradition. These shoes are amazingly comfortable, elegant, and chic. Designed and manufactured by tango dancers for tango dancers (and everyone else desiring comfortable heels for day or eveningwear), they come in beautiful supple materials, interesting color combinations, and supportive designs. In our opinion, and in the opinion of many professional and amateur dancers alike, Bandolera is simply the best tango shoe available on the market today.

Bandolera artisans don't limit themselves to crafting the optimal shoe only from the aesthetic point of view - elevating the beauty of the design and the use of the latest fashion colors and materials above everything else - but are first and foremost interested in creating a functional form. The engineering and positioning of the heel gives the dancers superior support, balance, and stability. Bandolera tango shoes also have a unique feature - extra padded inner soles, so that you feel as if you are dancing and walking on soft clouds. On most models, you can choose a 9 cm/3.5 inch, 8 cm/3.1 inch or 7 cm/2.7 inch heel height, thus giving you smart heel height options for every occasion and every taste. The company's goal is is to enable all women to be able to dance without pain and with comfort and to produce shoes with a level of suppleness, lightness and durability over any other product. Judging by the enthusiastic and positive feedback of many happy clients the world over, they have succeeded! 

Bandolera is a young luxury brand creating a lot of excitement and buzz in Europe. 
 These shoes can be used not only for tango, but also for salsa, ballroom, or any other dance, or in your "non-dance" life as well (we have many brides who choose Bandolera tango shoes for their memorable wedding day). 

YULI-B is the Bandolera Distributor in Southern California.

In the video below, you can see world renowned professional tango artists Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes. Mariana wears Bandolera tango shoes, model A2 glitter rame laminato rosa. Enjoy!

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