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About Yuli

Hello everyone. I am Yuliana.  
I am a passionate tango dancer who likes to travel, meet new people, and create amazing experiences: Welcome to my page!
I fell in love with tango ten years ago and it's been a great adventure. Today I perform, I teach, I host a monthly festive Milonga in Los Angeles called Milonga Querida and also organize the Southern California Tango Championship & festival.  I sell my favorite tango shoe brands: Regina & Souple tango shoes. I hope to share my experiences with you and I hope that I can give you something you can enjoy and treasure. 

Please stop by often and I will keep you posted!


Born and raised in Armenia, Yuliana Basmajyan immigrated to the US in her early adolescent years. For many years she tested her skills in different dance forms, including modern, jazz, flamenco, and extensive training in Salsa. She discovered her talent in tango after years of salsa and switched careers to pursue what she believed to be more 'daring' and 'rewarding'. She studied under world-class dancers such as Natalia Hills, Romina Levin, Andrea Misse, Melina Brufman, and Geraldine Rojas to name a few. While living the dream, she performed in tango shows and concerts that took place in Nokia theatre, Wilshire Ebell theatre, Florentine Gardens and many high-end banquet halls in USA, Canada, and Mexico.  Yuliana is the founder of the Southern California Tango Championship & Festival. 

Brian and Yuliana crossed paths at a milonga in 2007. Together they travel to Argentina a few times a year to continue their tango education with maestros. They've taught and performed in several festivals and milongas such as El Congreso in Toronto, Fire & Ice Festival in Ann Arbor, Tucson Tango Festival in Tucson, Valentango in Portland, Tango Mundo Festival in Palm Springs, Mercury Cafe in Denver and La Nacional, Ukraine, and Nocturne Milongas in NYC. 

Brian and Yuliana have given workshops in Sacramento, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Stanford, San Diego and other cities in USA. In the past, they have taught at several schools and tango clubs in LA such as Oxygen Tango School, Tango Room, Caltech Tango Club, Stanford Tango Club, Latin Pro Salsa School to name a few. Currently, they are established in Los Angeles and give their own weekly classes.

Brian Nguyen and Yuliana Basmajyan are the only couple to win two Tango Salon US Championships (2010 & 2011) and to make the finals at the Mundial World Championship in Buenos Aires 4 years in a row! They are also the only US couple to ever place at the Salon World Championship by taking home the bronze medal in 2011.

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