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Intensive Tango Weekend in Los Angeles with Yuli & Ricky

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Yuliana Basmajyan | 0 comments

I am happy to announce that Ricky Biggieri, one of the best tango dancers, teachers & performers of the current times, will be visiting Los Angeles May 15-June 19. It's very exciting since this will be our first collaboration and just to mention I have always admired his dancing. We will be teaching & performing in LA, OC & other surrounding cities.
A Little About Ricky:
Ricky met his passion for tango from his very first class in 2000.
His profound understanding of the dance is based in his studies with several teachers fron different styles as well as his continuos own self research.
Ricardo combines the traditional and authentic tango with extraordinary concepts of the dance evolution creating his own recognized style by the connection, control, musicality, elegance and dynamics.
As a teacher, Ricky has the ability to break the movements and its techniques creating a simple and fun way to get to more complex structures.
His big love for the music and the dance make him continuously improve and update.
Here is a video of his performance with the famous Moira Castellano:


May 20 & 21 Special Workshops with Yuli & Ricky @ TR
~Intermediate/Advanced Level~
1:00PM - 2:30PM - "TWIST EXPERT"
Over rotated pivots. Connection and technique.
Action and reaction. Possibilities
Musicality. Get rhythm in your feet and music in your soul.
3:45PM - 5:15PM - "SACADAS FEST"
Advancing and amplifying your improvisation.


FOR 2 DAY PASS CLICK HERE: $90 per person

FOR 1 DAY PASS CLICK HERE: $50 per person

FOR 1 WORKSHOP: $30 per person


Yuli & Ricki's Performance Schedule & Premilonga Classes in LA & OC
FRIDAY, MAY 19 - Hosting Arts N Craftica in Glendale
FRIDAY, MAY 19 - Premilonga Class & Performance @ Caltech
SATURDAY, MAY 20 - Premilonga Class & Performance @ Tango Room
SUNDAY, MAY 21 - Performance @ Atomic in OC
FRIDAY, JUNE 2 - Premilonga Class @ Milonga Querida
SATURDAY, JUNE 3 - Premilonga Class & Performance @ Milonga Portena in San Pedro
SUNDAY, JUNE 4 - 2 workshops organized by Silvia in San Pedro (same studio)



Ricky will be available for privates from May 16 to June 18
1 hour - $100
3 hours - $270
5 hours - $450
10 hours - $800
The studio fee is not included.
For any questions, please contact Yuliana on facebook or by email at
Best Regards,
Yuli B
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